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tv   News  ABC  July 15, 2013 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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asked for calm. in new york more than a hundred people filled times square showing their disapproval for saturday night's not guilty verdict. like many other cities demonstrators carried signs and chanted justice for trayvon and we're all trayvon martin. a number of protests are scheduled for today and as they develop throughout the day, you can find out about more of them by following us on twitter. there are claims edward snowden is carrying what is basically the instruction manual for how the nsa was built. thousands of documents telling secrets on how the nsa does business. this comes from a guardian downillist who interviewed snowden. he is still in russia this morning. a deadly shooting in east baltimore. police say the 21-year-old raymond rodriguez was shot in
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the head. homicide detectives are looking for a suspect that they have issued an arrest warrant for. police say everyone involved in the shooting knew each other and that rodriguez's death is not believed to be retaliation. also in east baltimore this weekend, a 15-year-old boy was shot. it happened -- this happened in the 2000 block of robb street. he is expected to survive. the baltimore orioles join the all-star break ten games over .500. chris davis will be taking part in a home run derby at 8:00 on espn. he has 37 on the year. that was number 37 yesterday. he ties the american league record for the most homers ever before the all-star break. 1969 that record was set by reggie jackson. adams jones also went deep on the day. he gets it just over the outstretched glove the colby.
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the all-star game is tomorrow night. the o's return to action friday on the road in texas. the home run derby tonight at 8:00 on espn. online books have chris davis as the odds on favorite to win. >> looking forward to it. it's going to be fun. >> entertainment purposes only. speaking of entertainment, enter at the same time news to tell you about. she's hoping the third time will be a charm. >> oscar winner halle berry ties the knot again and again and now gwen. the wait is over for junk food lovers. the eight-month hiatus twinkies now returning to store shelves. we have the details. [ male announcer ] now you can get a kindle fire hd,
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a lot of birthdays on this july 15. if it's your birthday, happy birthday. linda ronstadt is earning 67. she looks 37. eddie friday faith 45. -- eddie griffith 45. if you are celebrating a birthday today or this week,
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happy birthday. some celebrations happening in france because halle berry tied the nod there. the 46-year-old actress winning actress got married on saturday. this is berry's third marriage. she has a 5-year-old daughter and is expecting a child so congratulations to them. oprah has landed an excluse interview with lindsay lohan. it will be done in act. the actress is serving a court order 90-day stint in rehab. the 27-year-old is expected to leave that center at the end of the month. she also has a show in the works for oprah's network. details on that coming up. time for a check on your weather because that will be a big story not only today but all week. it is hot out there. >> it's dangerously out out there, too. sometimes the heat indexes getting over a hundred. it can hurt. >> we're leaving the rain
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behind. we'll have texas deal with that today we'll stay mainly dry but mainly hot. lots of sunshine coming in across the area. it will heat that ground and we'll definitely feel it as we go throughout the day. temperatures this morning already close to 80 degrees in baltimore city. it's 76 in pasadena and 75 in annapolis this morning. 72 elk ridge. we're looking at 76 degrees in centreville and 73 in chestertown. good morning elkton coming in at 72 degrees. now the temperatures will be fine by themselves but we do have the dew points. the measure of the moisture in the air and when we get into the 70s, we're very uncomfortable, very sultry. that's exactly what we'll be seeing for today. 27 for a dew point chestertown and centreville. 73 annapolis. baltimore city is 72. so these temperatures this morning actually feeling like we are in the mid-80s and for today you want to get that golf game in, make sure you do it in the morning thyme because there's not -- time because there's not much shade on the
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golf course and you are going to bake. let's get a check of the traffic with lauren. if you are traveling on route 50, we do have some -- [indiscernible] not causing any significant delays. out on the jfx in baltimore city, we do have a crash that moved to the southbound shoulder at northern parkway. maryland state police are on the scene investigating. there is a crash reported involving a pedestrian in the city on north highland avenue. if you are on twitter, you have to follow me. maryland traffic is the handle. you can be the first to know about traffic alerts. we're the only station to have tweeted this morning. inner loop nice and clear. 12 minutes from 95 to 83. that is your timesaver traffic. stay with us. there's much more coming up. you're watching good morning maryland.
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outrage and outcry across the country as people protest and in some places turning violent reflecting on the george zimmerman acquittal. we have the latest this story from abc. >> reporter: from coast to coast the impact of that verdict read in a sanford, florida, courtroom continues -- [ inaudible ] >> i thought we were going to get some kind of justice. >> reporter: emotion ran high after a jury found george zimmerman not guilty in the death of 17-year-old trayvon martin. authorities in oakland, california, say demonstrators vandalized businesses. >> we feel very angry. >> in most other places peaceful protests both small and large against what's being called a miscarriage of justice. hundreds are taking to the streets ing for justice for trayvon. >> this is a 17-year-old kid who was murdered by a vij
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antiwho filed him, pro-- vigil antee who fooled him and shot him dead. >> most unappropriated -- unrepresented jury in the first place. a jury of six women, not one african-american, not one male sitting on the jury. >> reporter: others believe the system worked just as it should. >> he's not guilty. >> reporter: there are calls for the department of justice to step in and file federal civil rights charges against zimmerman. the justice department says it is looking into the case. abc news, washington. today arguments again in the trial that stems from the september 11 attacks a. judge will decide if airlines owe the owners of the world trade center billions of dollars in
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damages. airlines were sued with the reasoning that they were negligent by allowing terrorists to board the planes that overtook the crews. it led to the destruction of the twin towers. testimony is expected to last three days. asiana airlines says it will sue a san francisco tv station and the ntsb. the company said the tv station damaged the airlines' reputation by using bogus and racially offensive names for four pilots on the plane that crashed earlier this month. a news anchor read the names on the air and apologized after the break. the ntsb said a summer intern mistakenly confirmed the names. both ktvu and the ntsb have apologized for the embarrassment embarrassment. good morning to you on this monday. hope you had a fabulous weekend. it's going to be a long, hot week ahead. let's start with your temperatures this morning. as we look at essex coming in at 72 degrees.
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westminster good morning you're at 68 degrees. [indiscernible] [ audio difficulties ] this is what's going on at the surface. we have an area of high pressure that will be building n. we'll be very hot and very humid. we are talking about our fourth heat wave of the season. this will be the most potent and we are really going to feel
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t. we're talking heat indices triple digits. we're talking 105 to possibly 115, especially as the week goes on. so definitely be prepared. as we look at abc2's most accurate future trend, i put this into motion to find out whether we'll see showers or thunderstorm. as we go into the evening time frame, afternoon, yes, maybe along the eastern shore, that's possible but mainly dry skies, even future trend picking up on that as we head towards tomorrow as women. then we'll start to see a -- as well. then we'll start to see a little change as we head toward the weekend. you might like the change or might not. as for temperatures, by this morning you're waking up around 10:00 temperature at 75 and 85 actually. by 91 degrees at lunch time for today. you can see we're feeling very hot with these temperatures. feeling like the triple digits as we go through the next several days. as we work our way toward the weekend, relief in the form of showers and thunderstorms more likely and also temperatures will drop off a bit as we head towards sunday. let's get a check of the
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traffic with lauren. we have two crashes right now on 83. one is in baltimore county just reported along the southbound lanes right after belfast road. the second is going to be in the city. this has just been moved to the southbound shoulder near northern parkway. maryland state police are on the scene investigating. if you are traveling in east baltimore, watch out for a crash reported on north highland avenue. this involves a pedestrian. we were the first and only station to tell you about it on twitter so you've got to follow me. maryland traffic for the latest updates. right now if you're heading downtown, 95 nice and clear. traveling from the harbor tunnel throughway all the way to the fort mchenry toll plaza you're looking at a nice and normal 7-minute right. if if you are traveling in downtown baltimore later this morning, here's a live look at college of art. artscape this weekend but many roads will be shut down beginning at 7:00 this morning. they will for the reopen till tuesday of next week.
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so these roads will include mount royal avenue between north avenue and charles street. cathedral street also going to be closed between preston street and mount royal avenue. preston street will be shut down between cathedral and howard streets. oliver street also affected. that will be closed between maryland and mount royal avenue. west landover will also experience road closures as well as west lafayette avenue. you can follow me on twitter. again maryland traffic is the handle or you can go to for a complete list of all of the road closures and also the artscape he schedule. that -- artskate schedule. that is your traffic -- artscape schedule. that is your traffic. a number of major retailers began selling twinkies a few days before the official return. hostess which went bankrupt last year is under new management. the spongy yellow cakes will have a shelf life of almost 45
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days. in the past the shelf life was just more than 20 days. i have to be honest, i can't tell you the last time i ate a twinkiie. >> me either. >> it's got to be more than ten years. >> i wonder if the people who paid a lot of money on e-bay when hostess was going out of business that they feel a little silly this morning. >> there is a sucker born every minute. listen, a mystery is solved. the author of a crime novel now revealed. >> j.k. roweling herself, why she wanted to -- rowling herself, why she wanted to keep this name this time a secret. a live look at baltimore. the water a good idea.
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j.k.rowling published a book under another name. she said is was nice to get
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feedback from readers without anyone knowing she was the person who wrote the book. >> interesting. i. for a second weekend in a row, despicable me 2 tops the box office. the animated movie raked in $45 million. that's according to estimates. expects say those minions have made the sequel the film to beat this july. the adam sandler comedy grownups 2 came in the second spot and monsters -- [ inaudible ] >> stay th us. coming up on good morning maryland, we have live team coverage from sanford, floarpd and here in baltimore with reaction -- florida, and here in baltimore with reaction to the jury's decision. ♪ [ female announcer ] you told jcpenney what kind of home
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good monday morning. thanks for joining us. i'm megan pringle. i'm charlie crowson. everyone talking about the reaction on the acquittal of george zimmerman. this was saturday night just after 10:00. we have live team coverage this morning. of course with protests happening here in our neighborhood and around the country. for the latest with what is going on in florida, as you probably hard he was acquitted by a florida jury of murder over the weekend in the death of 17-year-old trayvon martin. >> while he's technically a free man, he could be facing civil charges on down the road. also the possibility of civil rights violations, too. let's go live to sanford, florida. how are things going? >> reporter: president obama said he knows passions are running high across the country so he's made a nationwide call for calm and reflection. from york to seattle, los
5:58 am
angeles to sanford, florida, protests all over the country followed this weekend's verdict. some people wore hoodies. others held posters with trayvon martin's face demanding justice and trying to honor the florida teenager who was killed last year. civil rights leader reverend jesse jackson told cnn protests like these are inevitable. >> we must carry them out with dignity and discipline and that no act discredit the legacy of trayvon martin or his family. >> reporter: most demonstrations were peaceful, although police in a few cities did take some protesters into custody. as for george zimmerman, he's starting off the new week a free man. >> we have a verdict. i think we should take a step back, respect that verdict, respect those six women, an all- women jury who had to make a tough call. >> reporter: they found zimmerman not guilty but many stood in the streets chanting,
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no justice, no peace. >> i'm wearing my hoodty as a symbol of -- hoodie as a symbol of all those who supported us. next time we'll get a conviction. >> reporter: zimmerman could face a civil lawsuit or civil rights charges in connection to trayvon's death. reporting live in sanford, florida, now back to you. here at home the calls for justice continue for trayvon martin. protesters say it is not over despite that verdict that found george zimmerman not guilty. linda is live at the inner harbor. what do protesters have planned locally for today? >> reporter: they're holding a rally at 5:00. protesters who want the federal government to open a civil rights case against zimmerman plan to gather here tonight. the plan is to march down to city hall. more than a hundred people gathered yesterday here at the very same spot at the corner of light


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